9th to 18th March 2018

International Klezmer Festival Fürth

& Jewish Music Today

Space Klezmer Goylem. Foto: privat

Space Klezmer Goylem (Norway)

Saturday 11th March, 10pm
Kulturforum Große Halle (no seating!)

Hot homemade Klezmer-Brass

Goylem is an unusual musical phenomenon hailing from Oslos underground scene. With one foot rooted in traditional klezmer, the several other feet and limbs of this intergalactic folk ensemble are free to explore Nordic traditions, Balkan beat, Middle Eastern dance rhythms, psychedelic prog and sci-fi electronica.

Space klezmer as a genre can be seen as an extension of the progressive klezmer tradition of the 20th century. With deep love for the traditions they build on, the Goylemites put pride in abolishing borderlines. Between the sacred and the humorous, and the musically correct and incorrect.

Marianna Sangita Røe vocals
Erlend Barrat-Due Solum
Nikolai Rohrlapper
Hans Erik Wagner
Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen


Gesamtleitung, Programm: Claudia Floritz (li.), Projektkoordination: Anna Sankowski (re.). Foto Hans-Joachim Winckler

In 2018 we celebrate 30 years of Klezmer Festival! Amazing, yet true. So follow us along the path of „Jewish Music Today“ – and follow the International Klezmer Festival into its future!

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Programme folder for the International Klezmer Festival Fürth Intermezzo 2017 including details of concerts and ticket prices.

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Gesamtleitung, Programm: Claudia Floritz (li.), Projektkoordination: Anna Sankowski (re.). Foto Hans-Joachim Winckler

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Foyer im Kulturforum. Foto: Hans-Joachim Winckler

The Jewish Museum in Fürth offers a wide selection of literature on Judaism through which one can browse when visiting the museum. For the duration of the festival, they also set up a temporary stall in the foyer of the Kulturforum where you will find specialist books and fiction on Jewish themes toegther with Klezmer and Jewish music CDs.

Foto: Hans-Joachim Winckler

The Klezmer scene is growing steadily. The following list of recommended links proves this.

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