One week and a Day (Hebrew: Shavua ve Yom)

Asaph Polonsky, Israel 2016, 98 Minuten
Hebrew (with English subtitles) 

Seven days ago, Eyal (Shai Avivi) and Vicky (Evgenia Dodina) buried their 25-years old son. The Jewish mourning ritual shiva is completed, the visits and condolences grow fewer. While Vicky desperately tries to return to daily routines as soon as possible, Eyal does the exact opposite: He befriends the neighbour´s son Zooler and they spend an unforgettable day together and find a way to overcome grief.

Thursday March 15th, 8pm
*Friday March 16th, 7pm
Samstag, March 17th, 9pm
Sonntag, March 18th, 8pm
*Montag March 19th, 8pm

 (*) Days marked with an asterisk indicate that a dubbed version in German will be screened (without subtitles!)