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Mor Karbasi (Israel)

Wednesday 14th March, 8pm 

Kulturforum Große Halle (no seating!)

Sephardic songs between Israel, Persia and Morocco

Mor Karbasi had her big breakthrough in 2008 when she was only 22 years old. Born in Jerusalem, and raised in Moroccan and Persian surroundings, she dedicated her life to the sephardic music tradition. The songs are recited in Ladino, the language of the exiled Spanish Jews in the wake of 1492. Her latest program "Ojos de Novia" (Eyes of a Bride) is full to the brim with Flamenco and Fado influences in addition to Mor Karbasi's multicultural background. With songs from Maghreb and Berber culture complementing her repertoire, Mor Karbasi pushes the boundaries of sephardic music.

Mor Karbasi vocals
Joe Taylor guitar
Yshai Afterman percussion
Meron Sroia bass