Uwe von Seltmann with the duo T&T Wollner (DE)

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Sunday 13.03. / 4 p.m.
Presale € 15,- / 12,- discounted // Box office € 18- / 14,40 discounted

Es brennt! Mordechai Gebirtig, father of the Yiddish song

Mordechai Gebirtig was murdered by the Nazis in the Krakow Ghetto in 1942. The most famous of his 170 poems and songs that survived the Shoa, S´brent, was the anthem of the Jewish resistance fighters and is sung today in Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Uwe von Seltmann has compiled many discoveries about his life and work and invites you to a fascinating journey into Yidddish land, musically accompanied by the duo T&T Wollner.

Uwe von Seltmann Author
Tabea Wollner Vocal
Tobias Wollner Piano