Workshop: Klezmer music

Saturday, 7th March / 10 am to 5 pm. On site registration starts 9 am 
Sunday, 8th March / 10 am to 5.30 pm

Registration required! Deadline: Friday, 7th February
Online registration form (German only) or via Kulturamt Fürth, Tel. +49 (0)911 / 974 16 81, Email: klezmer-festival(at)

Dear musicians,

We are looking forward to a new edition of our beloved Klezmer workshop! It has become one of the festival’s highlights for those involved as well as those coming to hear the participants perform in the famous workshop closing concert (Link auf Konzert Klezmer Orchester Fürth) on Sunday evening which is usually also attended by our dance workshop participants and is thus a double fun event! 

The world’s top Klezmorim are gladly passing their knowledge and expertise on to those who are interested and curious about the Klezmer style – no matter how much you know about it already. Everyone who knows how to play an instrument can participate. This time, we also welcome singers: Our course for Yiddish song explores another grand tradition of Jewish music. Come and join us on a weekend cruise into Yiddishland! 

Christian Dawid,
Artistic Director

Tutors and courses:

Christian Dawid (Germany) wind instruments / intermediate level
Michael Winograd (USA) wind instruments / advanced level
Jake Shulman-Ment (USA) string instruments / intermediate level
Bert Vos (Netherlands) string instruments / advanced level
Dan Blacksberg (USA) accompanying instruments / all levels 
Richie Barshay (USA) drums, percussion / all levels 
Sasha Lurje (Latvia/Germany) Yiddish song / all levels 

Timetable Workshop Klezmer Music 

Saturday, 7th March 

9 to 10 am: On site registration
10 to 10.45 am: Plenum / Orchestra
11 to 12.30 pm: Individual instrumental/vocal courses
2 to 3.30 pm: Ensemble courses
4 to 5 pm: Plenum / Orchestra 
up to 7 pm: Time for jamming and practising 

Sunday, 8th March

10 bis 11 am: Plenum / Orchestra
11.15 bis 12.45 pm: Individual instrumental/vocal courses
2.15 bis 4 pm: Ensemble courses
4.30 bis 5.30 pm: Plenum / Orchestra
from 7 pm (open to the public): Workshop closing concert with all participants and tutors  

Particiaption fee: 140 Euros / 90 Euros concs.
Workshop participants may receive a free ticket for the concert of Midwood (USA) on Friday, 6th March, 10 pm. Registration required! 

Teaching language: English or German depending on the tutor
Please note: Klezmer is a folk music tradition and is played mostly by ear.