4th to 13th March 2022

Klezmer Festival Fürth

Jewish Music Today

Kinder der Hoffnung (hebr. OmU, Yael Reuveny, D/ISR 2020, 84 min)

Thursday 10.03. / 8 p.m. // Friday 11.03. / 7 p.m. // Saturday 12.03. / 9 p.m. // Sunday 13.03. / 6 p.m.
Kino Uferpalast
€ 7 / 5,50 discounted

Like many Israelis of her generation, Yael Reuveny, born in 1980, has turned her back on her homeland, lives abroad and makes documentaries. But she never lost the bond with her homeland, on the contrary, it became stronger precisely in the distance. In „Kinder der Hoffnung“ she now lets old classmates have their say and  reflects on home, Israel and hope.

Program online: www.uferpalast.de