Endlich Tacheles (Jana Matthes & Andrea Schramm, D 2020, 104 min)

Thursday 03.03. / 8 p.m. // Friday 04.03. / 7 p.m. // Saturday 05.03. / 9 p.m. // Sunday 06.03. / 6 p.m.
Kino Uferpalast
€ 7 / 5,50 discounted

What does the Holocaust have to do with me? Weren’t the atrocities in the death camps far too long ago? And can’t we finally let bygones be bygones? Yaar, a Jewish Berliner who dreams of developing computer games, asks himself all these questions. He does not feel connected to Judaism - until he sets on a journey that reveals to him the painful history of his family. The emotionally weighty documentary „Endlich Tacheles“ gets very close to his characters and is characterized by narrative calm. It shows three generations of people who are all searching for their own personal way of dealing with the traumas of the past.

Program online: www.uferpalast.de