Forshpil (LV/RU)

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Wednesday 09.03. / 8 p.m.
Presale € 22,- / 17,60 discounted // Box office € 25,- / 20,- discounted

Yiddish Psychedelic Rock

The five-piece band with charismatic singer Sasha Lurje from Latvia has discovered 100-year-old love songs. These songs, sung by women, tell universal stories of love, jealousy, war, pain, adultery, death and long-distance relationships. Combined with the raw energy of Klezmer inspired accompaniment played on traditional rock instruments, the band creates a new soundscape full of sadness and hope. A meditation on tradition, animated by the present - a personal journey of the musicians into a parallel world, in search of their own Jewish roots and values.

Sasha Lurje Vocals
Ilya Shneyveys Keyboard
Mitia Khramtsov Violin
Roman Shinder Guitar
Zheka Lizin Lizin Drums

forshpil - oy dortn dortn, forshpil
forshpil - oy dortn dortn